Types Of Online Slot Machines


The first slot machine appeared in the late 19th century, and it almost instantly became a popular way of entertainment in casinos around the world. Even today, many people who decide to try their luck will go to the nearest casino or even pub for a spin or two, hoping to hit the jackpot.

With the appearance and upgrading of the Internet, all casino games, together with slots, started to move online. Nowadays there are plenty of online casino games to choose from, either in order to mock play them for fun, or in order to bet and earn real money.

Online slot machines are definitely among the most versatile and popular casino games when it comes to their online versions. They can be placed in several categories according to different factors, and these are a few of them:

457First, they can contain different number of reels: three, five or seven. Games with the higher number of reels usually offer much larger jackpots, because it is significantly more difficult for all the symbols to line up on a 7-reel machine, than on a 3-reel one.

Next, you can choose to play games with different layouts. There are online slots that imitate the look of the oldschool slot machines, with simple design and even a virtual lever. But you can find more complex games online, such as video slots and 3D slots, which are far more complex, often themed, and rich in graphics, details, sounds and even rules of playing.

When it comes to bets and payouts, there are also various features of online slots. First of all, denominations can be in a range from one penny to five dollars per spin, whereas high-roller machines can take from 25 to even 100 dollars per spin. Then, there are flat top and progressive slots. The former offers a fixed jackpot, while the jackpot with the latter increases over time – the slot machine takes a percentage from every bet and adds it to the total amount of jackpot with every spin. But if you do not want to play slots for money at all, there are also options for you, since there are plenty of games which can be used for free and with investing only virtual credits.

The prizes can be different as well. While it is still common to find online slots which offer a jackpot only when the symbols are aligned, there are many of games which offer a prize for various combinations and patterns of symbols. Depending on a pattern your symbols take, you will be able to win different prizes, from additional spins, other games to play for free, bonus money, smaller cash prizes than main jackpot etc. Prizes with free online slots are similar – additional spins and games are offered here as well, but you can earn more virtual money (credits) which you cannot cash in, but you can use them to play some more, or to try some other games.

With online slots, as you have seen, the options are numerous. It is up to you to choose the type of the game you prefer, and with only a few clicks you can start spinning the reels, either just for fun or with hopes to win a cash prize.