iPhone Pokies


In the last couple of years, casino games for iPhone have come a long way, because in the beginning, the obstacles were numerous for those who wanted to play casino games over their iPhone. Firstly, the Apple’s iOS doesn’t support Adobe Flash which is the software platform preferred when it comes to developing pokies games for mobile phones. This makes it impossible for iPhone users to play pokies online by using their phones. The second biggest obstacle remains even after the number of iPhone-supported apps has increased, and it is the Apple’s policy which is reluctant to accepting real money in casino games.

spinpalace-mobile-appBut when it comes to iPhone pokies of today, there seem to be some good news. There are inoperative operators who have developed software platforms which are supported by iPhones. In the not to use Flash but HTML 5, so now the iPhone users have increasing opportunities to download and play casino game of their choice. Knowing that pokies is one of the most popular casino games there is, game developers have concentrated on making various versions of this game which will fulfill the needs of every user.

In order to find the iPhone pokies game you want to play, you have two options. If there already is the casino where you play pokies online, one way to start playing them on your iPhone is to go to the websites of the online casino, where you will be able to find the icon for the iPhone version of the game. Click the icon and follow the steps in order to download the app and start playing the game. The other option is to visit Apple Store and browse through their selection of pokies games. Nowadays you should be able to find a large selection of games, since the iPhone market is constantly growing and game developers are aware of the fact that more and more of their users possess iPhones rather than other types of mobile devices.

iPhone-Pokies-Mega-MoolahWhat might have been the problem until just recently is the fact that Apple’s policy on gambling was quite strict and that, even once they started offering online casino games, they served only in order for the users to play for fun. But today things are starting to change. Since most of the online casinos are reliable, legal and protective of user’s data, there are some of them which are iPhone-supported even when it comes to playing with real money.

It is good to know that iPhone market is constantly growing because it means that its users will be able to have much bigger choice in all kinds of apps. So which you are an iPhone user who is also a pokies lover, you will be happy to know that it is now possible to play many variations of online pokies games on your cell phone just like it is when you play them on your PC. You can also choose to play either for real or for virtual money, so whatever you prefer, you will sure enjoy having a wide range of possibilities.